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Terms of Service


A deposit of 50% of the project estimate is required prior to beginning any work. Please note that we cannot begin work until we have received your deposit. Minimum deposit is $150 required for jobs totaling less than $300. Balance due upon final approval of your project and prior to our releasing the final files to you or the publication.


A cancellation fee of 50% of the project estimate (equal to your deposit paid) will be charged on all projects cancelled once work has begun.


Prior to beginning work, we will provide you with a written project estimate. All fees and costs are estimated and valid for 30 days. Changes in the scope of work and/or project specifications may require a revision to the original quote. Any revision of this quote must be approved in advance by both parties, and will be reflected in the final invoice.

Turnaround Time

Standard turnaround for initial advertising concepts or designs is 4-5 business days from client approval of quote (payment of deposit) unless notified otherwise in advance. Actual turnaround depends on scope of project and current workload. Upon approval, we will provide a specific date when you can expect to receive initial design concepts. Final delivery is dependent on client turnarounds and final approvals. We recommend that you provide a minimum of 5 business days prior to your materials deadline in order to avoid publication imposed late material receipt charges.

Rush Charges

In the event that the project turnaround time must be expedited to 3 days or less, rush fees may be applied to the initial estimate. An additional 25% of the project estimate will be added for 3 days, 35% for 2 days, and 45% for 1 day, with a minimum fee of $50 per project.

Late Fees

Payment is due upon project completion and should be remitted with 15 days. If payment is not received with 15 days of project completion, then on the 16th day a 5% late fee will be added to the remaining project balance. From that day on, an additional 5% will be added every 30 days the payment is late.